United States          
  Table D:  Debt-Service Payments Due in One Year or Less 1/ on   
  gross outstanding external debt as of December 31, 2013  
    (Millions of U.S. Dollars)    
General Government        
    Principal 1,348,529    
    Interest 100,490    
Monetary Authorities        
    Principal 499,946    
    Interest 0    
    Principal 2,457,440    
    Interest 22,879    
Other Sectors          
    Principal 1,789,104    
    Interest 140,976    
Direct investment:  Intercompany lending        
    Principal 0    
    Interest 0    
Total 2/          
    Principal 6,095,019    
    Interest 264,345    
1/  Data are on the basis of remaining maturity, and are derived from the first 12 months   
     of scheduled payments shown on Table C.  Data include debt immediately available on   
     demand and/or immediately due, including arrears.      
2/ Total does not include the unknown principal shown in the bottom row of Table C.    
    External debt for which the scheduled principal and interest payments are unknown are  
    Direct Investment, Other debt liabilities of General Government and a small portion of  
    loans to Other Sectors.        
March 31, 2014